Freelance Website Builder

The first step in creating a website is determining why you need it.

  •     Whether it’s to generate leads, enable online sales,
  •     drive offline sales, streamline customer service,
  •     build your brand,
  •     grow traffic or a combination of these things,
  •     understanding your website’s mission helps you make constructive decisions now and in the future.

Content Maintenance

While you can bask in the glow of having a new website , you need to think about content maintenance before the warm fuzzy feeling wears off. There is usually a list of changes waiting that did not make it into the final cut before the launch. How are you going to continue to be relevant and useful to your clients, customers and prospects? However, if you develop a plan , you have the opportunity to have a website that stays relevant and useful to your clients, customers and prospects.

Staffing – who is responsible for maintenance changes?
Schedule – there must be a way to keep track of when each maintenance issue will be addressed.
Calendar – not only an editorial calendar of what will be added to the site in the form of fresh content, but also, what future changes, branding issues, launches or expansions will your company have in the near future that will impact the website. It is much easier to prepare for these things with advance notice.
Content Removal Process. Who is going to do this?
Archival – Web content retention.